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Did they know?

I don't think they realised.
Realised at one stage there words would be studied in great detail,
They just wrote

Shakespeare, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Sylvia Plath
None of them knew that some day there work would be worshipped and criticised.
They couldn't have known their words would become timeless and immortal.

Now each word has a new meaning;
A meaning which may not have been initially intended.
Its amazing how an impact of a comma can make a difference,

Metaphors explored in new ways,
Similes expanded on and questioned.
Imagery perceived through different eyes

Some try to understand the authors mindset,
Others apply there own meaning and sentiment.
Writing is personal but not necessarily biographical,

Alternate personas can be adopted.
The picture painted may not exist
No matter how much evidence we gather.

We look for things that aren't actually evident,
Things we would like to be true.
But in truth there just simply…

arranged words on a page.

Kela Lewis-Morin
let me know what you think :) tried to try something different here.
Mercy-is-Crying Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very good! I often think about what Sylvia or anybody else would say if they saw the overdissected interpretations they teach in schools and such.

In the line, "Its amazing how an impact of a comma can make a difference," there should be an apostrophe in "it's."

Great job! Lovely way to express your thoughts ^^
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February 1, 2012
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